Gathapraya! Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Now I want to tell you about Gathapraya. Well, every year my school organizes a cultural festival. Last year named Megantara, 2 years ago named Gamarvani, and now Gathapraya. Gathapraya means hope for the future.             Gathapraya held on September 30th 2017 at LapBal (Lapangan Bali). The open gate was at 12 pm, but I just came at 4 pm because I had to follow psikotes first. I came there with Astrid, Amelia, Kinan, and Andreas Niko. Before entering the event, we’re still waiting for Kinan to buy the ticket, because he hasn’t bought the presale ticket. But, when we will go, we have to wait again because  there is a problem on Amelia’s e-ticket. When we entered, we passed the hallway with every beautiful decoration.

            This is the first time I have attended an event like this. In this event, I met Aryo, Krisna, and many more. I also met classmates who became the committee. After we’re talkng about many things and take 1-2 pictures, …
Stefany   : Hai Salsa!
Salsabila : Hai Stef!
Stefany    : What will you do next holiday?
Salsabila : Maybe, I'll go visit my mother's hometown.
Stefany   : Where will you go then?
Salsabila : It's located in Sumedang. It's my grandma's house. And there's still a lot of forest wich the place is still traditional.
Stefany   : Why will yo go then?
Salsabila : Because there's no place better then the hometown, the place where you can gather with your family.
Stefany : Oww...
Stefany What will you do then?
Salsabila : I'll meet my grandma, my grandpa, my cousin, uncle, and the people ho lives near my grandma's house. I'll help them make "nasi liwet", it's very delicious. You must to try it. I'll walked around the village enjoyed the fresh air, play with my cousin and many more.
Stefany   : What is your option second place?
Salsabila : I'll stay at home, because my sister have to work, my brother have to go back to Thailand. And …

Horrible Experience

This story is when I'm was 6th Grade on Elementary school. March is a month of Practical Exam and Pre-Test 2 for National Test. At first I do fine. After school, I go back to home. Before studying, my mom ask me to go to eat some food. Then, we decided to buy Semar Meatball. We ate the meatball at the place. Came home from that place, our way was accompanied by rain. Just a small rain. After collecting my mood, I started learning Sience and English. After I study for a while, my mom ask me to help her to move the pile of clothes because water entered my house. In short, suddenly flood came. But it was too late to save my stuff. My books, my bag, there was nothing left. I don't know what should I do. I evacueted in my friend house, and then I borrow her laptop to gave some information to my teacher and my classmate about this incident.

In the next day, I dicided that did not show up in to my school. Because I don't have uniform, shoes,and stationary for my Pre-test. But, God…


My New Friend     This is my first day in sman 3, everyone is gathered together with their group. Until I saw a girl standing alone at the edge of the corridor.
Stefany : Hello! I'm Stefany. What's your name?
Amelia  : Hai my name is Amelia.
Stefany : What is your full name? Can I call you Amel?
Amelia  : My full name is Amelia Nafisah Rahma. Yes, of course.
Stefany : What city are you from?
Amelia  : I’m from Bandung
Stefany : Me too. Hey are you in fifteen years old?
Amelia  : No, I'm 14 years old, it's because I was born on 6th of February 2003.
Stefany : Oww, I was born on 28th of February 2002. Nice to meet you!
Amelia  : Nice to meet you too!
Stefany : Mel, what school are you from?
Amelia  : I'm from 7 Junior High School Bandung. And you?
Stefany : I'm from 1 Junior High School Bandung. Wait.. What? You're the one who achive the highest score of UN in West Java? Really?
Amelia  : Umm yeah. Do you want to join extracurriculars in SMAN 3?
Stefany : Yes, I do! I want t…
My Name is Stefany
Hello readers! Welcome to my new blog! :)
Let me introduce my self. Okay, I only a student, not a nerd nor a famous girl like in novels. My name is Stefany Shela Amanda. You can call me Stef, Stefy, or Stella, whatever. It's okay as long as it's part of my name. I was born on 28th of February 2002. So, now I'm 15 years old. And I lucky not born on 29th of February 2000. Cause its means my birthday will be celebrated every 4 years. Oh No! I can't imagine it.

Actually, I was born as the second child in my family. But my older sister died when I'm 3 years old. But now, I'm not the only one in my family. I have 1 younger brother. His name is Nathanael Kevin Haryadi. You can call him Kevin or Nathan. My father is Mr. Heriberus A. T. H. He is a soldier (Indonesian Army National Air Force). He loves to clean up, tidy, and clean. My mother is Ms. Sujarwatik. She always take me to school, prepare breakfast, cleaning houses, and any more. She is the best m…